A grand jury in Dinwiddie, Va. indicted seven Henrico County deputies and three hospital employees in the smothering death of Irvo Otieno.


A new report gathering data from compiled from all of the traffic stops conducted by the New York Police Department last year showed that over 90% of those drivers detained were Black and Latino. The news has caused alarm to observers and researchers, who noted that it matched the same amount estimated during the department's "stop-and-frisk" era in 2011.

Jason Whitlock questioned protests after video of the police murder of Tyre Nichols went wide and then blamed single Black mothers.


On Friday evening (Jan. 27), the Memphis police department shared the footage of Tyre Nichols being beaten so badly by its former police officers that the 29-year-old eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old Memphis man, died on Jan. 10 after encountering city police on Jan. 7 after a routine traffic stop.

The family of Tyre Nichols held a press conference along with their attorneys Benjamin Crump and Anthony Romanucci to denounce the Memphis police officers responsible for their son's death after a confrontation at a traffic stop Jan. 7. Nichols would die of his injuries three days after. The family viewed the footage of the incident, with attorneys decrying how badly Nichols was beaten by the officers.

NYPD is suspending an officer for getting into an altercation with a young Black Staten Island girl, prompting the mayor to respond as well.


A video showing three Arkansas police officers assaulting a suspect while detaining him has sparked a wave of outrage online, resulting in them being suspended. The incident also caught the attention of state Governor Asa Hutchinson, who stated that he spoke with the head of the Arkansas State Police about the pending investigation.

Styles P was captured on video ripping into police who were making an arrest of a woman outside of his juice bar in Yonkers. He later addressed the situation through his Instagram account.

It's been two years since the death of George Floyd due to police brutality by now-incarcerated Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin, but it appears that the crisis of Black people dying due to shootings by law enforcement hasn't slowed down at all.

One young man who appeared to be taking off his backpack was hit with a taser while the crowd looked on, and another person was tasered for trying to stop the police from using more extreme force.