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Memphis Awaits Release Of Police Body Cam Video Of Tyre Nichols' Arrest Prior To His Death Days Later

Source: Scott Olson / Getty

Jason Whitlock doesn’t deserve a bit of our attention but we can’t stand by and ignore his latest head-scratching statement in the name of free thought. The sportscaster and political commentator called into question the various protests cropping up in the wake of a video going wide showing the murder of Tyre Nichols at the hands of five Black Memphis police officers.

Jason Whitlock, 55, tweeted out a question Friday night (Jan. 27) regarding the reaction to the footage of the five officers beating Nichols after a traffic stop, who later succumbed to his injuries on Jan 10. The city of Memphis continually urged its residents and outside observers to show restraint once the footage of the encounter went wide.

While the Memphis Police Department promptly fired and changed the five officers, most took note of the fact that action was swift when it came to these officers which stand in contrast to actions handed down to their white counterparts involved in similar incidents nationwide.

That fact was seemingly lost on Whitlock, and his tweet displayed his seemingly feigned curiosity as to why people are angered.

“Five police officers in Memphis appear to have committed a violent homicide. They’ve been fired and charged with second-degree murder. What is the protest about? What hasn’t happened?” Whitlock tweeted.

Shortly after that tweet, Whitlock shared a promo for his Blaze TV show, Fearless, which was centered around respecting law enforcement officers and the like. It was a clear shot at the encounter Nichols had with the elite SCORPION police unit in Memphis just mere yards from his home.

One of the most outlandish comments to come from Whitlock came from his appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show discussing the video and the passing of Nichols. While Whitlock was clear in calling the acts of the officers a crime, something he’s never done so swiftly in the past it seems, there was one point of contention that journalist Gretchen Carlson noted in a tweet.

Whitlock quote-tweeted with a response, writing, “What was crazy about my comment, Gretchen? What are the benefits of communities/neighborhoods run by matriarchal, baby-mama culture? You planning to relocate your intact nuclear family into one?”

There is no changing the sturdy, ham-fisted mind of Jason Whitlock and we’ll spare readers more of his asinine commentary. However, what we will share is how Twitter is cooking him and his ashy sew-in alive. Keep scrolling.