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Jason Whitlock questioned protests after video of the police murder of Tyre Nichols went wide and then blamed single Black mothers.

LeBron James isn't going to just shut and dribble, but he did delete a tweet about the fatal shooting of Ma'Khia Bryant.

The conservative commentator and sports columnist said that "The best vaccine is weight loss, exercise, vitamin D, green food from the earth and water."

Sitting down with the punchable Tucker Carlson, Whitlock compared the Black Lives Matter and Antifa to the Ku Klux Klan, using slick language to try to slip in the jab.

In a 15-minute video interview with the former business mogul, the sports journalist heaped praise upon Trump for bringing football back but played soft on grilling him on deeper issues.

The FS1 sports host has made the Los Angeles Lakers star a target of his unnecessary criticism over his activism in times past.

It’s a pretty safe bet that if Jason Whitlock‘s name is trending, he’s offered another lukewarm take about Black athletes, aiming his uninvited opinion once more at LeBron James. The struggle pundit took aim at James’ recent appearance at one of his son’s AAU basketball games, accusing the Los Angeles Lakers star of being a […]

Jason Whitlock has made it his mission to offer his views on Black athletes that nobody asked for. Once again, the sports pundit injected an opinion on LeBron James, blasting the Los Angeles Lakers star for being an only child.

Jason Whitlock has once again put on his tap shoes, top hat, cane, and white gloves so he can shuck and jive for controversy’s sake. The media figure believes that Colin Kaepernick‘s Nike play is some manner of a plot to take down the massive NFL empire.

Looks like Kid was just playing when he decided it would be funny to mock socially “controversial” quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Shannon Sharpe joined a growing number of critics who found his fellow FS1 host Jason Whitlock's Colin Kaepernick to be a bad look.


Rapper and actor Kid of Kid N Play was the man impersonating Colin Kaepernick in that photo Jason Whitlock posted.