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Jason Whitlock Outkick Trump Interview

Source: Outkick / Youtube

Jason Whitlock never misses an opportunity to put on his shiny tapdancing shoes and hit a little jig, and the conservative pundit is back up to his old tricks. Sitting down with the punchable Tucker Carlson, Whitlock compared the Black Lives Matter and Antifa to the Ku Klux Klan, using slick language to try to slip in the jab.

Whitlock joined Carlson’s show this past Wednesday (Jan. 20) on the evening of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ inauguration, likening the BLM movement to an “enforcement arm” for Democrats.

“Well, I compare Black Lives Matter to the KKK. I really do,” Whitlock said. “And some people don’t understand it, but if you go back to the 1860s, after the Emancipation Proclamation, the KKK was started, and it was the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party. And what’s the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party right now? Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They will come to your home and violate your home, try to intimidate the people in your home if they disagree with you politically.”

Whitlock added, “Black Lives Matter [is] a Marxist organization. Marxism is hostile toward religion; that’s why I’m glad you went there today. These are atheist values being expressed from our leaders, demonizing individual citizens here in America, branding them as white supremacists because they decided, because we disagree with their opinion about something. This is lunacy, and it’s dangerous.”

This very stance is what whipped up a small but frenzied pack of lunatics who stormed the U.S. Capitol over false news and claims that everyone on the left was capable of the destruction and death we saw on Jan. 6.

For Whitlock to continue to long-running lie that BLM and Antifa had even half the aims of the mostly-white and supposedly God-fearing mob that floated ideas of lynching and harming elected officials on BOTH sides of the aisle is true lunacy and, as evidenced, truly dangerous.

We won’t link to the clip of the discussion out of respect for your time and brain cells.

Photo: YouTube