Tucker Carlson

In an upcoming interview, the Fox News host sits down with Kid Rock who boasts that no matter how hard folks try that he can't and won't ever be canceled.

The Fox News host took aim at President Joe Biden by shamelessly asking why didn't he share the LSAT score of U.S. Supreme Court justice nominee Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson.


Half Baked star and former Saturday Night Live cast member Jim Breuer appeared on Tucker Carlson's FOX News show, pretty much confirming that he was an Op all along. The comedian sat down with the alleged journalist to "discuss" his anti-vax stance, and it was all bad. 

Bucking the advice of scientists who study coronaviruses and deadly diseases, Fox News host Tucker Carlson essentially ignored their expertise and challenged the purposes of masks to prevent the spread.

Sitting down with the punchable Tucker Carlson, Whitlock compared the Black Lives Matter and Antifa to the Ku Klux Klan, using slick language to try to slip in the jab.

The conservative media host is known for using his platform to shout down progressive actions, seemingly more so when people of color are involved.

Tucker Carlson enjoys a high profile platform as a host for Fox News and during a live broadcast, he made a statement that has turned heads. According to the conservative pundit’s observation, white supremacy is a “hoax” and that news surrounding its rise despite mounting evidence is nothing more than a tactic to divide the […]