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Source: GAVRIIL GRIGOROV / Getty / Tucker Carlson / Tim Burke

One journalist has landed in some unusual legal hot water after sharing some video footage of former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson and other personalities.

The Washington Post reports that freelance journalist Tim Burke, a former employee of The Daily Beast and Deadspin, was hit with an indictment on Thursday, Feb.22, and his attorneys believe this will threaten the freedom of the press.

According to The Washington Post’s reporting, Burke was hit with 14 counts, including conspiracy and wiretapping, which is very eyebrow-raising.

Per The Washington Post:

But in an indictment laying out 14 counts against Burke that include conspiracy and wiretapping, prosecutors allege that the journalist went too far by tapping into a streaming feed site where he acquired unbroadcast video clips of former Fox News star Tucker Carlson and other personalities.

Vice and Media Matters later published some of the footage obtained by Burke, including outtakes from an interview with Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, making antisemitic remarks and rambling about “fake children” living in his home — scenes that undermined Carlson’s on-air attempts to present the MAGA-friendly star as thoughtful and levelheaded.

Was Burke’s Actions Illegal?

The indictment also notes Burke obtained the footage from the streaming service LiveU, which is used by media outlets, allowing them to share videos across their organizations.

He said that information following a raid by the FBI on his home that also saw the seeing of his equipment. Burke’s attorneys say he used “publicly available login credentials” to access LiveU’s feed after a “confidential source” told him where to look for details, allowing him to enter the precise URLs for specific feeds.

“He merely found something newsworthy on a publicly accessible site,” the filing states.

Prosecutors claim the opposite, saying that Burke used “compromised credentials” to gain unauthorized computer access.

We want to see how this lawsuit pans out because there are huge implications if the court sides with the prosecutors.