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We’re not sure what Ice Cube’s end game is here (besides promoting the BIG 3), but it’s not going well for him at the moment. The Hip-Hop icon is getting dragged for filth after participating in an interview with established, allegedly, white supremacist Tucker Carlson.

Recently, Cube has been adamant that just because he takes a photo with a scoundrel, it doesn’t mean it’s a co-sign. Such as when he was snapped with faux-Democrat and alleged anti-vaxxer Robert Kennedy Jr.

However, linking with Tucker Carlson, who made a living spewing racist commentary on FOX News on a nightly basis before he was unceremoniously fired, is a bridge too far for many. The name of the episode—Tucker moved his tomfoolery to Twitter after getting booted from FOX News—is titled “Stay in your lane: our drive through South Central LA with Ice Cube.”

While both ride in the back of an SUV, Cube gives Tucker a tour of the South Central neighborhood he grew up in. Of course, Tuck’ems skewed to Cube’s disdain of politics. “Politicians only really pay attention to the people that give them money,” said Cube. “Everybody else is kinda an extra in their movie. We love you in the scene, but we can do the scene without you.”

Added Cube, “Politicians have hidden agendas.”

Nothing Cube said right there is wrong. But that Tucker Carlson wack juice is impossible to get off. Just ask Kanye West. And that’s the main beef from commenters. Especially after many felt Cube was too willing to entertain Donald Trump’s ridiculousness. A common observation was also that Carlson asked leading questions about Obama, George Floyd and the Covid-19 vaccine just to get Cube to give a controversial answer.

See more reactions to Ice Cube taking Carlson on a safari in the hood in the commentary.



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