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Salehe Bembury x Crocs Juniper Sneaker

Source: @salehebembury / Instagram

Looks like Crocs smells blood in the water as Adidas and Nike’s popularity out in these streets has been declining as of late and will officially jump into the sneaker game with their first actual outdoor silhouette.

According to Highsnobiety, the long teased Crocs Juniper sneaker will finally see the light of day as the Salehe Bembury crafted creation is set to hit the shelves this coming May 30th. The news comes months after the sneaker was teased on social media and threw everyone for a loop as Crocs is mostly known for churning out clogs, sandals and flip flops. Now that they’re officially releasing a new sneaker line, Nike and Adidas can expect some new competition in the footwear arena as people absolutely love Crocs.

Per Highsnobiety:

As you can probably tell, the Crocs Juniper sneaker echoes Bembury’s love for nature, which has also manifested in other collaborations like the fitting Moncler team-ups and water-inspired runners.

Before the official release, the designer himself took the Crocs Juniper sneaker for a test hike or two. With their distinctive design elements, the sneakers look like they could easily handle the outdoors. The reimagined Crocs ventilation holes and meshy details ensure a breathable setup, while the goo-like sole detail looks to offer excellent grip. 

Yeah, these are going to be a hit.

While May 30th is the official release date, no word on where they’ll be sold or how much they’ll be retailing for, but best believe people will copp these as hype is sure to build as the release date gets closer.

Check out pics of the Crocs Juniper sneaker below and let us know if you’ll be picking up a pair in the comments section.