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Jason Whitlock Outkick Trump Interview

Source: Outkick / Youtube

If anyone thought that Jason Whitlock was going to put President Donald Trump to the test during their recently aired video interview, we have some land on Pluto to sell you. In a 15-minute butt-smooching fest that only served to plump up Trump’s frail ego, Whitlock did a disservice to his race once again by cozying up to a man who probably wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fire.

Whitlock’s interview appeared on Outkick, a new platform that joins politics and sports but it is becoming clear that there’s a conservative bent to coverage if the new chat is any evidence. Whitlock, who traveled to Washington to sit with Trump, opened the chat up by mentioning his factory worker mother, who he called a “lifelong Democrat” in a bid to give the president space to promote his version of the longstanding “America First” policy that both major parties have touted over the years.

Trump droned on as he’s prone to do, using the moment to trumpet the nation’s failures on the world stage in regards to jobs, economics, and military power while blaming past administrations without citing a single clear example of what he meant.

Oddly, Whitlock got on his knees and shined Trump’s loafers with a good amount of spit and shine, praising him for bringing back college football in the middle of a pandemic that had killed several thousands of Americans.

Playing into, or perhaps playing up, Trump’s favor, Whitlock compared the ANTIFA movement to one of the most racist organizations in American history.

“Antifa to me is the modern-day KKK,” Whitlock said, almost gleefully.

We’ll spare the readers by cutting off further analysis of Whitlock tap-dancing for Massa Trump and his yes-suh boss routine. Instead, we’d like to direct you all to check out Jason Whitlock getting rightfully flamed for cooning his butt off below. What a shame.

Photo: Outkick