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Jason Whitlock has made it his mission to offer his views on Black athletes that nobody asked for. Once again, the sports pundit injected an opinion on LeBron James, blasting the Los Angeles Lakers star for being an only child.

Deadspin reports:

Whitlock began today’s edition of All Takes Matter with a drowsily delivered and completely nonsensical monologue in which he claimed as fact that LeBron is destined never to ascend to true greatness because of the psychological trauma he endured as a result of growing up outside of a traditional family structure. As it happens, this is not dissimilar to Whitlock’s take last week, in which he asserted that black people hate the Patriots because all their white players come from two-parent families. Thankfully, his co-hosts called him out for being an inscrutable grouch this time around, although they still managed to argue about this for over 20 minutes. Dan McQuade and I have assembled a highlight reel, because God knows nobody else should have to watch the full thing.


If you must, check out Jason Whitlock’s awful take on LeBron James’ upbringing below.

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