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Shannon Sharpe has managed to become the most woke sports analyst alive and turned his attention towards his shoe-shuffling push broom FS1 colleague Jason Whitlock. Whitlock’s ill-timed “skit” mocking Colin Kaepernick drew the former Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos star’s ire and he called out the incident on Twitter.

Sharpe joined other Twitter users is clowning Whitlock’s cornball act, reportedly with Kid of Kid-N-Play fame playing the role of Kaepernick. Sharpe tweeted in the very early hours this morning, responding to the chatter and saying he intends to take the matter to his Fox Sports supervisors in hopes of bringing the discussion to air.

“I’m going to address it with head of Fox sports/FS1 . This is UNACCEPTABLE,” Sharpe said in response to a tweet from Black Sports Online.

He continued with, “I totally denounce his skit. Hopefully we can discuss tomorrow,” this in response to a Twitter user asking him to call it out on his Undisputed show with co-host Skip Bayless.

Whitlock, well aware of the criticism abound regarding the matter, responded to folks assuming that the Kaepernick character was a white person by saying, “Sorry to break your heart, but he’s not white. Carry on.”

Yeah, this guy is a complete buffoon. Let’s hope Shannon Sharpe gets to mop this fool on air soon, hopefully in a debate.

Photo: Twitter