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The Baltimore Ravens consulted with Ray Lewis, who once stood accused of murder, about bringing Colin Kaepernick into the fold. While appearing on Undisputed today (July 31), the NFL great proceeded to tap dance about why Kaepernick isn’t a good choice to join the Ravens and potentially cover for the team’s injured quarterback, Joe Flacco. 

As you should expect, Ray Lewis was in full tap dance mode saying Kaps’ protesting of police brutality isn’t being considered. Shannon Sharpe proceeded to come with the fire and brimstone, classily, about how despite Lewis’ denials, the NFL is blatantly curving Kap because of his political stance.

Sharpe also pointed out how NFL owners (including Raven’s owner Steve Bisciotti) have not been talking about policy brutality, and Lewis proceeded to say it’s not the owner’s fight. Sharpe was not having it.

And neither was Skip Bayless.

Football fans on Twitter saw the hypocrisy, and coonery, coming from Lewis and are letting it be known. See for yourself below and on the following pages.

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