Ray Lewis was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend. Well deserved, but it was his coontastic speech that got more attention than his feats on the football field.


For whatever reason, Ray Lewis made an observation on the troubles of Odell Beckham Jr. and equated the football star’s troubles with the assumption OBJ has a lost his connection with God. Considering Lewis has a questionable past of his own, folks on Twitter gave the former Baltimore Ravens great the business to the point […]


Just like many suspected, Ray Lewis never left the sunken place at all. 

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Retired NFL player Ray Lewis joined his former team on the sidelines and took a knee with other players in solidarity on Sunday.


Ray Lewis is in the sunken place, and don’t bank on him escaping anytime soon. The NFL legend took to social media to offer Colin Kaepernick some advice that amounts to “stop protesting.”


The Baltimore Ravens consulted with Ray Lewis, who once stood accused of murder, about bringing Colin Kaepernick into the fold. While appearing on Undisputed today (July 31), the NFL great proceeded to tap dance about why Kaepernick isn’t a good choice to join the Ravens and potentially cover for the team’s injured quarterback, Joe Flacco. 


Shaquille O’Neal and Ray Lewis are the latest athletes to offer their suspect viewpoints on Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest.

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Former Super Bowl champion and NFL legend Ray Lewis has posted a video blitzing the #BlackLivesMatter movement for not speaking up on Black-on-Black crime. Oh yeah, he thinks Black people could learn a thing or two from slavery.


Ray Lewis’ passionate two-minute video urging for peace in Baltimore is falling on deaf ears because he’s being dragged on Twitter. The 39-year-old former NFL player posted the video on his Facebook page today (Aug. 28), clearly emotional over the uprisings that have spawned violence across the city.

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The talk amongst NFL analyst on Sundays is unfortunately, yet unsurprisingly still about Ray Rice. One guy who has a dog in the fight is ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown marquee man, Ray Lewis.


On Monday (Sept. 23), news of Baltimore Ravens player Jacoby Jones and an alleged altercation with a stripper on a party bus in D.C. spread quickly. The woman, only known as Sweet Pea, has addressed the incident and said she was not responsible for striking Jones in the head with a bottle.

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Sports apparel brand Under Armour teamed up with legendary producer Pharrell Williams to launch the Natural Born Hitters instrumental mixtape and campaign.