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On Monday (Sept. 23), news of Baltimore Ravens player Jacoby Jones and an alleged altercation with a stripper on a party bus in D.C. spread quickly. The woman, only known as Sweet Pea, has addressed the incident and said she was not responsible for striking Jones in the head with a bottle.

Sweet Pea took to Twitter and spoke to the situation late Monday night, addressing a widely circulated photo featuring herself and a group of women. She stated that the women in the photo were not strippers and admitted that while she and Jones had an argument, she did not strike him during the altercation.

“I would like to clear up the fact that I’m a waitress & the girls on the pic aren’t a bunch of strippers,” tweeted Sweet Pea. “Jacoby & I had a verbal confrontation & that was it!!! I never hit him with a bottle & I wish ppl would stop spreading lies on the internet.”

Although Jones and teammate Bryant Mckinnie have not publicly spoken about the incident at the Opera Ultra Lounge in Washington, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh expressed some measurable concern over the matter at his weekly press conference.

“It’s not something we want to be known for,” Harbaugh said. “We’d like to think it’s not something those guys would want to be known for. It’s nothing to be proud of, so I’m kind of disappointed in that sense.”

Former Ravens standout Ray Lewis has expressed recently that the team is lacking leadership from himself and current Houston Texans player Ed Reed, claiming they kept players in line. Reports said that evidence of an assault did take place outside the nightclub but police said the lack of cooperation led to authorities not charging anyone.

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