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Charm City will never forget the impact of Michael K. Williams. The Baltimore Ravens paid tribute to the actor with his iconic whistle as Omar from The Wire.


Last night's Monday Night Football matchup between the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens turned out to be a thriller as reigning NFL MVP Lamar Jackson was able to deliver the his team a "W" during the final minutes of the game. But it almost didn't happen.

The Baltimore Ravens have confirmed that they have severed ties with Earl Thomas. On Sunday, August 23 the team tweeted he was cut for what they deemed poor "personal conduct".

Baltimore Ravens star quarterback, Lamar Jackson broke the news that he unlocked that achievement of grabbing the cover and achieving a life long dream in a video posted on the Ravens' Twitter account. There is one problem, he wasn't supposed to reveal that information yet.

As a member of the Baltimore Ravens, linebacker Ray Lewis defined intensity on the field along with a measurable bit of controversy off it. For his achievements on the field, Lewis rightly deserved to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame but his speech was so over the top that homie sweated through his jacket […]

It seems Robert Griffin III will get another shot at the quarterback life. The 2012 Offensive Rookie of the Year has been signed after a season of inactivity.

Colin Kaepernick went all of the NFL’s 2017-2018 season without having played a down, with most assuming this is a backlash to his activist stances and decision to kneel before the National Anthem. The Baltimore Ravens, one of several teams this past season in need of a quarterback, were advised by a military official on […]

Retired NFL player Ray Lewis joined his former team on the sidelines and took a knee with other players in solidarity on Sunday.

Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has been on a steady fall from grace after a longer version of the video of the player’s domestic dispute with his wife surfaced. As one can imagine, Rice’s pockets are a lot slimmer all of a sudden and his losses continue to mount.

The ongoing buzz around the alleged assault of Baltimore Ravens player Jacoby Jones by a stripper named Sweet Pea has been debunked by a teammate who says he witnessed the whole thing. On his radio show, Bryant Mckinnie confirmed Sweet Pea did exchange words with someone outside a Washington nightclub but said a tipster got […]

On Monday (Sept. 23), news of Baltimore Ravens player Jacoby Jones and an alleged altercation with a stripper on a party bus in D.C. spread quickly. The woman, only known as Sweet Pea, has addressed the incident and said she was not responsible for striking Jones in the head with a bottle.