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Ray Lewis is in the sunken place, and don’t bank on him escaping anytime soon. The NFL legend took to social media to offer Colin Kaepernick some advice that amounts to “stop protesting.”

In a video posted on Twitter, Lewis dropped a passionate message to Kap, asserting that he’s constantly praying for the currently teamless NFL quarterback.

“Once again I applaud what you stood up for, cause I’m in the streets every day,” said Lewis.

However, Lewis doesn’t think Kap’s protests are a good look, and his reasoning is just dumbfounding, if you’re woke.

Said Lewis, “If people really want to help you, if they really want to help you, man, they’ll pray for you brother. Alright.”

True, then he added, “They’ll lead you the right way and stop encouraging you to be caught up in some of this nonsense. The battles you fighting, brother, people way before us been fighting these for many, many years. And that’s why I take each and every one of these kids, and that’s why I take them away from their environments and give them something else to see in life.”

Moving to the suburbs or an affluent neighborhood or whatever “seeing something else” means, doesn’t magically make systemic racism or police brutality disappear.

Prayer alone won’t stop a rogue cop from cracking you over the head with a baton, or shooting you dead, only because you’re Black.

Prayer alone didn’t lead to the Civil Rights Act.

Lewis even said “the football field is our sanctuary.”

Muhammad Ali couldn’t just box when he protested the Vietnam War. The ring was his sanctuary, but he was thrown in prison.

All Kap did was kneel during the singing of the National Anthem to protest police brutality. But that’s nonsense to Ray Lewis.

What Ray Lewis is saying amounts to, ‘Let someone else with less to lose’ do all the protesting. No matter how great he was on the field, that’s weak, and a cop out. And that’s taking into account how much good he does with the at-risk youth he’s mentioned working with.

But considering how Kap responded to Mike Vick’s suggestion cutting his afro would help him get a spot back in the NFL, don’t expect him to take Lewis’ advice to heart.

Pray for Ray Lewis, and watch his terrifyingly tone deaf spiel below.

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