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We didn’t think it was possible, but Jason Whitlock went full(er) coon. According to the shoe shuffling sports analyst, Colin Kaepernick is part of a liberal conspiracy to attack the NFL and to paint the league as racist.

For real.

“Black people are too successful in football, and these liberals want to put a stop to that,” Whitlock, who asserts Kaep is now in on the conspiracy, said on his FOX Sports 1 show today (Sept. 6).

At this point, Jason Whitlock is irredeemable. He’s not just stuck in the Sunken Place, he’s made it his tap dancing home.

Keep in mind, Whitlock tweeted this image of a Kaepernick impersonator from what looks likes an ill thought out segment/skit on his show yesterday.

Self-hate is very, very real.

Peep more of the reactions to the Super Saiyan Coon’s latest deep level dive in coonery below and on the following pages.

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