If it walks and quacks like a duck; chances are that it is a duck. The same goes for bootlicking sellout.

As the world continues to rally for social equity there are some Black people who prefer to sleep on the floor in Uncle Tom’s cabin. Two women have been exposed as house Negros.

2Biggs Podcast, which bills itself as the "BET of Barstool Sports," titled the episode "N.I.G.G.E.R." and addressed founder Dave Portnoy using the N-word.

Paris Dennard is a pro-Trump political analyst and an insufferable coon (is what it is). Dennard has been suspended from his CNN gig after word got out he was fired from a post at Arizona State University due to sexual assault allegations. 

Pastor Darrell Scott is one of the worst types of coons you’ll ever see. The Trump endorsing shoe shuffler recently went on Fox News and had the nerve to come for Rep. Maxine Waters. 

Jason Whitlock mocked Colin Kaepernick and is getting slandered as a sellout, again.

We all know that Spike Lee isn’t one to hold his tongue, so when people asked about his disdain for Tyler Perry, he quickly shut the whole thing down. Lee, who is promoting his Red Hook Summer release, was being interviewed by host Art Terrell, on Atlanta’s KISS 104.1  radio station, when the Perry questions came […]

Coonery is now reaching pandemic levels. Mr. Ghetto (creator of the coon classic “Walmart”) recruited a bunch of freaks, that he must have paid in white bread (to go with the Popeyes fried chicken) and quarter waters, to act all sorts of ratchet in this video for “Super Freak Bounce.” This is the type of visual […]

Earlier this month, it was revealed that interracial marriages have reached an all-time high, but some people still take issue with the notion that love has no color. A couple in Detroit comprised of a Black man and white woman received a noose in the mail, alongside photos of people being lynched, for their colorblind […]

Air Jordan XI ‘Concord’ Released, Mayhem Ensues   The Air Jordan XI ‘Concord’ Retro was released last night, and so was the coonery. Across the country, people were getting arrested, assaulted and pepper sprayed while attempting to purchase a pair, or two—or more—of the highly prized, $180 sneaker. While e-mail servers of sites like NikeStore.com […]