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Earlier this month, it was revealed that interracial marriages have reached an all-time high, but some people still take issue with the notion that love has no color. A couple in Detroit comprised of a Black man and white woman received a noose in the mail, alongside photos of people being lynched, for their colorblind love.

What’s even more shocking is the fact that the man who sent the items is not only Black himself, but “allegedly” holds a PhD. “When I opened the letter up, first thing I saw was a noose,” Carl Smith told My FOX Detroit. “I opened it up further and it was like four pages of hate mail. People being hung, black guys, Nicole [Brown] Simpson getting her throat cut, and I was terrified.”

Smith and his wife, Susan, contacted the FBI who requested that they send the items over. Upon further investigation detectives were able to find DNA on the noose, which allowed them to pinpoint the culprit.


41-year-old Glenn E. Morgan Jr. of Detroit, and founder of the National Black Men’s Education Association, was identified for committing the crime. Despite the fact that no one has ever even really heard of his alleged association, Morgan is also said to be an “educator,” a term obviously used loosely.

While there is no clear motivation behind his actions, Morgan is an eccentric character to say the least. He’s been known to post videos praising himself, one of which shows him wearing an extra deep v-neck, black shades, and what appears to be a slicked-down relaxer in his hair. Based on his appearance alone nothing that comes out of this guy’s mouth should be taken seriously, but he still found it necessary to go on his Facebook page, and accuse the FBI of racism.

After pleading guilty to sending threatening communications via mail, he was sentenced to three months in federal prison, plus two-years of supervised release. Most damning is that Morgan will likely have to trade in those tight t-shirts of his for a less fashionable prison uniform, but that’s the price you pay for sending out hate.


In light of the situation, Mr. Smith blasted Morgan for “ruining my life,” while his wife came out of the incident with a different perspective “I love this man and there’s nobody in the world that’s gonna make me change the way I feel about my husband, whether he’s Black or whether he’s white.”


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