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Barstool Sports has fashioned itself as a brash counter in the sports media world to the polished reporting and presentation of ESPN, but that hasn’t come without a fair amount of controversy. After its founder David Portnoy was called out for racist comments not to mention other offenses, the Black employees of the network gathered for a podcast to coon their lives away titled, and please brace yourself, “N.I.G.G.E.R.”

The 2Biggs Podcast, which bills itself as “the BET of Barstool Sports,” launched the episode with acronym spelling out “Now It’s Gonna Get Extremely Real” featuring The Minority Report. Hosts Willie Colon and Brandon “Black Brandon” Newman lead the podcast which also featured Trill Withers, Zah, Ebony, Liz Gonzales, and the 20 Dollar Chef, and we have to say first that we have no idea who these people are.

We gave the first 15 minutes of the program a listen and it leads with brashness as expected, a sort of phantom defiance that they’re unfiltered and ready to handle the smoke. Colon opens explaining how he discovered his boss Portnoy letting the n-word fly. It does appear that Colon and one of their colleagues were ready to get into Portnoy’s bullsh*t but Colon decided to speak with the man they call “El Presidente” one-on-one.

Much of the early discussion was about the Black employees of Barstool Sports ready to ride on Racist Dave but decided to handle it internally as a crew. Colon says that in his chat with Portnoy, Mr. Boss Man never apologized and doesn’t intend to do so.

Truthfully, the table-setting for the episode took far too long and who knows what the conclusion is but it’s apparent that these fools are still working for Barstool Sports because, in our estimation, the bag must be nice. One of the guests, who identifies as Mexican, says that Portnoy’s a good guy and defended his racist routine by calling him an “equal opportunity offender.”

While that’s corny on its own, we won’t even talk about this Black & F*ckin’ Beautiful skincare ad that played after the first break and was not at all humorous. We don’t have to tell readers that you can find this garbage on your own time as we’re not going to give them any more clicks.

On Twitter, reactions to the show’s title have been coming with many asking why they’re still hanging with David Portnoy.

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