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Child Abuse Victim's Death Touches New Yorkers

Source: Robert A. Sabo / Getty

One of the most popular funeral homes in New York City will have to defend their name in court. Ortiz Funeral Home is being accused of using predatory tactics on their clients.

The Gothamist is reporting that the eight location chain is accused of taking advantage of individuals who just lost a loved one. On Monday, April 29 the New York City Department Of Consumer And Worker Protection filed a lawsuit claiming that the company regularly uses “deceptive and opaque business practices intended to keep pricing information and options obscured, in an effort to charge these consumers seemingly-random amounts for its services, often resulting in price swings of thousands of dollars for the same service.”

The DCWP states that since 2019 over 48 consumers have have filed claims to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission about Ortiz Funeral Home. Some of the umbrages include failing to prepare the body as agreed to, deceptive pricing tactics when it comes to their caskets and even refusing to reveal where the remains are located after multiple requests from the family. Additionally, some families had to wait upwards of three weeks before receiving the cremated ashes.

DCWP Commissioner Vilda Vera Mayuga expressed that her team is taking the matter very seriously. “I can’t even imagine, already being in such a painful time and then not knowing where your loved ones’ remains are,” Mayuga said in a statement. “There’s a number of violations that they committed, and so we’re seeking restitution for consumers and really urging anyone who has experienced similar deceptive practices by R.G. Ortiz to reach out to us immediately.”

Representatives from Ortiz Funeral Home have yet to formally respond to the matter.