Twitter showed an uptick in racist language and hate speech, including a 500% increase of the N-Word since Elon Musk took over.

Anthony Martini, an executive who signed virtual struggle rapper FN Meka, reportedly used the n-word in his own hardcore band's music.

The St. Louis rapper responded to the chatter and showed leniency towards John Demsey for using the N-word in a meme that also made mention of COVID-19.

NewsMax, certainly no friend to the "woke," aired a segment featuring agreeable Blacks who don't mind that Rogan went on a happy little n-word spree.

With backlash coming in the form of artists leaving the service along with criticism from subscribers, the CEO of the popular streaming service apologized to his staff but added that he won't be "silencing" Rogan.


It's 2021, and people still can't wrap their heads around about when and when not to use the N-word. Giselle of K-pop group Aespa is learning this the hard way as she was spotted lip-syncing the slur, and Twitter is gathering but also educating her on the misstep.

Need more proof that Dog The Bounty Hunter is forever tweaking? The reality star says his use of the dreaded N-word was granted to him.

Scott, who is Black, claimed that progressives have called him names like "Uncle Tom" and the "N Word" but then goes on to say America isn't a racist country.

A woman, presumably white, called a clerk at the store the "n-word" by way of the "er" version after she was refused service for not donning a mask.

"They paint the founder as a racist. They know he’s not a racist," said Schnatter, speaking in the third person (referring to the board that fired him), a surefire sign that f*ckery is afoot.


It's only a matter of time before Candace Owens or Diamond and Silk weigh in on this matter and try to absolve Donald Trump by suggesting he was probably just rapping along to a Kanye song or something.