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Stephen A. Smith has the reputation of being a fiery commentator from his years at the top of the sports talk show world, and now it looks like he’s got beef in that arena. In a new video, Stephen A. Smith took heavy shots toward fellow sports journalism and reported MAGA enthusiast Jason Whitlock which has X reacting.

Smith, 56, published a new episode of his The Stephen A. Smith Show framed as a response to Jason Whitlock. It appears that the beef has been brewing for a while after Whitlock claimed that Smith’s memoir, Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes, was nothing but a bunch of tall tales.

As is Whitlock’s typical tactic, the sports commentator known for his outsized right-wing takes and harsh critique of Black people never ducks an opportunity to use his platforms to take shots. According to people who have observed this behavior over time, they’ve said that Whitlock is fishing for a reaction and an attempt to gain momentum for his various endeavors.

Whitlock responded on X, writing, “Stephen A Smith, the self-proclaimed face of ESPN, embarrassed himself and ESPN last night. He vows to never say my name again. No problem. He doesn’t have to say my name to explain the hard-to-believe stories in his “memoir.” Amazed seemingly no media outlet in the country is interested in why the face of ESPN tells so many farfetched stories about himself in a book. Make it make sense.”

Well, it appears that Smith has had enough. In the latest episode of his podcast, he opened up the show by saying that while there were several topics in the sports world to get into, it was time for him to fire back at Whitlock, whom he referred to as a “fat b*stard” and a “piece of sh*t” in the opening segment.

It is an explosive and intense display of anger, irritation, and frustration that is starting to buzz heavily on social media. As a result, fans on X, formerly Twitter, are chiming in with their thoughts complete with the requisite jokes and such.

We’ve got all the reactions to Stephen A. Smith banging it on Jason Whitlock below.

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