We just wished these directors would make their movies and move on. 

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Academy Award-nominated director Quentin Tarantino defended the use of the N-word in his films specifically 'Django Unchained,' where it was said more than 100 times.

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Ye aka Kanye West made a bold claim in his recent interview with Piers Morgan that went live over the past weekend, saying that Quentin Tarantino and Jamie Foxx got the idea for 'Django Unchained' from him. The artist claimed that he came up with the concept during brainstorming for the planning of his "Gold Digger" video in 2005.


Vivica Fox is all for a Kill Bill sequel, but with a new spin. During an interview with NME Vivica Fox revealed her ideas for the follow up sequel, that will be the first in 17 years, to the cult classic. The actress, who played Vernita Green in the 2003 classic and now stars in drug kingpin thriller Arkansas, confirmed last month that Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman were in talks with the real possibility of a sequel.


Activist and New York Daily News writer, Shaun King, had his social media temporarily suspended for posting an email exchange with CNN yesterday (Nov. 4). King was asked to be on Don Lemon’s show to discuss  Quentin Tarantino’s police brutality comments, and the Illinois cop who staged his suicide to look like a homicide.


Quentin Tarantino’s filmography rivals most Hip-Hop catalogs with usage of the n-word (and that is the one ending in “er” for your information) but in real life, he wants to show he’s down for one of the most gripping issues that’s plaguing the Black community.


If you were looking forward to Quentin Tarantino’s next venture following Django Unchained, you may have to wait a bit longer.


If Django Unchained wants to invade one of the movie industry’s biggest markets, they’re going to have to get by the Chinese government first. The Quentin Tarrantino film was set to debut in China this week but was pulled over “unspecified technical problems. ”


You can always count on Donald Trump to give his opinion on pretty much anything. This time, Trump has slammed Django Unchained, as “the most racist” movie he’s ever seen.

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Rick Ross gave his first interview of 2013 as he was a guest on NBC’s Nightcap With Peter Bailey. 


Dolls made in the likeness of the characters in the slave film Django Unchained have been discontinued. The figurines were pegged as “action figures,” and led to a public outcry calling for them to stop being sold.


Quentin Tarantino won the Best Screenplay award at the Golden Globes Sunday (Jan. 13), but the big news is that the  acclaimed director spewed the “n-word” while speaking to reports. When asked of his controversial slave film Django Unchained, and the excessive use of the racial epithet, he decided to drop the n-bomb to get his […]