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A lawyer for Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond is refuting claims that the industry insider was a paid informant for police.

As previously reported, the New York Daily News published a story “exposing” Rosemond for providing information to law enforcement officials dating back to the mid-90’s including a case where he helped police capture four inmates planning on escaping from jail and in return was held in confiment for his protection.

Now a rep for The Game’s manager is vehemently denying those claims.

Rosemond’s lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman has released a statement saying,

“The article in today’s New York Daily News about Jimmy Rosemond is nothing short of a targeted assassination attempt by the government, with an assist from their favorite daily newspaper…Due to the government’s inability to convict Jimmy in a court of law, they have stooped to trying to get him lynched in the street…We are weighing our legal options at this time but we can say in no uncertain terms: Jimmy is not and has never cooperated with law enforcement.  If you noticed the article never stated one named person that Mr. Rosemond allegedly informed upon. Any suggestion otherwise is a damnable, actionable lie.”