Too often are we forced as a nation to grieve and “band together” after heinous and unthinkable acts of violence. The Charleston Emanuel AME Church shooting and apprehension of Dylan Roof simply tells us we’re still amongst a filthy, plagued society where racial hatred and mental illness continues to be ignored on a grander scale.

Earlier today, gunmen with affiliations to Al-Qaeda conducted a Kenyan University attack that has left 147 people dead and an entire country reeling.

The oft-controversial Urban Outfitters inexplicably decided to commemorate the Ohio National Guard Kent State Shootings of 1970 and no one thought it was cute.

Unlike his fellow public figures, Jason Biggs figured laughter would be the best healing procedure regarding shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

The entire world shared a collective gasp earlier today, July 17, when word rang out that another Malaysia Airlines plane had gone missing.

An entire California community is in mourning after a gunman went on a rampage to “avenge” his 22 years of virginity and shame.

A nightmarish bus collision with a FedEx truck in northern California has claimed the lives of 10 people, including both drivers and several high school students.

An eight-car Chicago commuter train was the catalyst of thirty-two passenger injuries when it skipped a track and scaled an escalator.

Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak delivered heartbreaking news to the families of passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 holding on to a glimmer of hope.