Mike Tyson will be testing off his acting skills in a forthcoming episode of Law & Order SVU. Tyson will play the role of a murderer.

Add another point to Kendrick Lamar’s scoreboard. After releasing an album that debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard charts, becoming rap’s new West Coast golden boy, and earning comparisons to Nas, more of the masses are taking note. Lamar has been tapped to perform on an episode of Saturday Night Live, airing later this month.

Andrea Herrera, better known as super-groupie Kat Stacks, was given a deportation reprieve Wednesday, making her a free woman. 

The shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School will go down in history as the “worst day” of President Obama’s career as leader of the free world. During an interview on Meet the Press airing Sunday (Dec. 30), the commander in chief recounted the day, two weeks ago, when 20 children were slain.

Jamie Foxx hosting Saturday Night Live over the weekend wasn’t full of rave reviews. Some viewers thought the sketches were extremely racist and stereotypical.

George Zimmerman is taking legal action against NBC over an edited 911 call that he made the night that he shot Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman filed a lawsuit today against NCB Universal Media LLC and three individuals employed by the company during the time “relevant to the complaint.”

Saturday Night Live is hit or miss from time to time, but they may have found the remedy. Comedian/actor/singer Jamie Foxx is billed to host the sketch comedy show Dec. 8, while Ne-Yo will be the night’s musical guest.

Once Saturday Night Live starts spoofing you, you’ve officially “made it.” Unfortunately for Katt Williams, being mimicked on the long-running sketch comedy program came for all the wrong reasons.

Now let’s take it back to the old school. In a special performance not seen on air, Melle Mel warmed up the crowd at Rockefeller Center.

Even in the aftermath of Sandy, the friction between Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is still alive and well. The two traded insults over NBC’s TODAY show Tuesday (Oct. 30) displaying a level of   tension  that may have crossed over from professional to personal.

National Lampoon and Saturday Night Live legend Chevy Chase is under fire after breaking the unwritten code of ethics in Black/White relations.  In a reported protest over lines intended for his bigoted character Pierce Hawthorne of NBC’s Community, Chase used the “n-word” towards the show’s writers, claiming he feared that his character would be asked to  use […]

Saturday Night Live was on point during last night’s episode, hosted by Bruno Mars. The sketch comedy show opened with an utterly amazing spoof of the second presidential debate. Making fun of reports that CNN moderator Candy Crowley played favorites during the verbal match-up between President Obama and Mitt Romney, the piece hit every nail […]