New York Police Department

A super racist retired cop and his two partners currently employed by the NYPD are facing serious federal charges for their bribery scheme and drug ring dealings. One faces life in prison if convicted.

It is clear dirty cops are still in the NYC justice system. A lawman allegedly assaulted a man then attempted to make the dispute to look crime related.

The NYPD announced yesterday that it will end the secret spying on Muslims groups in the city, breaking apart a task force that infiltrated the Islamic community. The surveillance program strained the relationship between Muslim leaders and the police, but NYPD commissioner William J. Bratton appears committed to repair the rift.

A rookie NYPD officer was shot in the legs in Brooklyn Wednesday (February 26) evening while attempting to arrest a man who was trying to duck paying bus fare. The officer is currently listed in stable condition, and the suspect was arrested just blocks from where the shooting took place.

New York mayor-elect Bill de Blasio today (December 5) announced Bill Bratton as the New York Police Department’s new commissioner. The hire marks a homecoming of sorts for the decorated law enforcement official, who once served as NYPD’s top cop under former mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The NPYD says that an assault last week by a group of black Brooklyn teens on a white couple was an alleged racial attack. Cops arrested three teen boys and a 12-year-old girl, although one of the accused says he is wrongfully accused.

After approaching a man who was behaving strangely at a Times Square intersection, NYPD officers opened fired during a chase but instead struck two female bystanders Saturday night (September 14). Reports say the man, who pretended to have a gun, was actually unarmed.

The New York Police Department admitted last year that spying on Muslims was a massive waste of resources, money and time. A recent report reveals that the NYPD placed mosques under heavy surveillance by labeling the Islamic houses of worship as terrorists organizations.

A major blow was struck against the New York Police Department‘s controversial “stop-and-frisk” tactic earlier today (August 12). A federal judge has ruled that the practice violates the constitutional rights of minority citizens in the city.

Opponents of the New York Police Department’s controversial “stop-and-frisk” tactic report that an alarming number of Black and Hispanic males have been stopped. However, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says whites may be getting stopped too much.

A ranking NYPD officer in Brooklyn has cost the city over $1.5 million in settled lawsuits. Lieutenant Daniel Sbarra, who heads the Brooklyn North Narcotics squad, has been accused of excessive force, offensive language and other offenses. Nevertheless, he was still awarded with stripes and a pay raise by Commissioner Ray Kelly in 2011.

After a gay couple was attacked by a group of alleged New York Knicks fans this past Sunday (May 5), police are searching for a reported eight persons of interest in the case.  Nick Pronto, 27, and his partner, Kevin Atkins, were attacked in Manhattan just steps away from Madison Square Garden. The case is now being […]