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Police are investigating the death of a 31-year-old New York man that lay dying on a busy Queens sidewalk while dozens of people walked by and didn’t help. The New York Post has video footage of the shocking incident showing 31-year-old Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax succumbing to stab wounds in the chest at 44th Street and […]

Once news broke that Kanye West was on the verge of making his return to rap and dropping an album that went back to the principle of “real Hip-Hop”, countless names started to appear on who will be working on the album, Good A** Job. One name mentioned was rapper/producer Q-Tip who has come forth […]

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The events following an event featuring rapper Fabolous took an unexpected turn for the worse as upcoming Brooklyn rapper G Baby, legally Gregory Brown, was shot and killed. With details scarce, reports state that the rapper was shot in Queens after Loso’s show located at Club Amazura. G Baby, 22, was the protégé of Memphis […]

News, T.I.

Previously reported, it seems that some weren’t too comfortable with the presentation of the campaign for T.I.’s clothing line AKOO. With a woman gripping the man’s jeans at crotch level, being blown up to billboard size left a few uneasy and questioned the appropriateness. After days of drawing more complaints over the “sexual” nature, a […]