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The debate over which Michael Jackson album is better, Off The Wall or Thriller, is eternal. The creation of the former is the subject of a new, Spike Lee helmed Showtime documentary, Michael Jackson’s Journey From Motown To Off the Wall.


Although the great MJ was heavily in debt, don’t sleep on the possibility he could have been murdered with the thinking his estate would be more valuable if he was dead. He had a lot of shady and greedy Hollyweird types around him and we wouldn’t put Shyte past these characters: Los Angeles’ top cop […]

Houston Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson introduced House Resolution 600 at the Michael Jackson memorial. If passed, the Resolution will honor The King of Pop as an American legend, musical icon and world humanitarian. Congresswoman Jackson described Michael saying he is: “Someone who will be honored forever and forever and forever and forever and forever.” Before MJ […]

In a candid and downright strange interview with Men’s Health, Quincy Jones spoke about losing his longtime friend Michael Jackson. In the interview Jones is adamant that Michael never had the skin disease Vitiligo. Instead he says MJ used chemical peels to strip his skin of its color. “Oh, we talked about it all the […]