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In a candid and downright strange interview with Men’s Health, Quincy Jones spoke about losing his longtime friend Michael Jackson. In the interview Jones is adamant that Michael never had the skin disease Vitiligo. Instead he says MJ used chemical peels to strip his skin of its color.

“Oh, we talked about it all the time. But he’d come up with, “Man, I promise you I have this disease,” and so forth, and “I have a blister on my lungs,” and all that kind of B.S. It’s hard, because Michael’s a Virgo, man—he’s very set in his ways. You can’t talk him out of it. Chemical peels and all that stuff…”

He then continued on talking about the “King of Pop” saying that he wanted to be white.

“It’s ridiculous, man! Chemical peels and all of it. And I don’t understand it. But he obviously didn’t want to be Black.”

When asked if that’s what he really thinks Michael’s problem was, he replied, “Well what do you think? You see his kids?”

Following that he was then asked if he thought Michael was beautiful before the chemical peels to which he replied, “Man, he was the most gorgeous guy.”

In related news, Michael Jackson’s funeral has been scheduled for Tuesday at The Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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