After comparing The Weeknd's latest album to one of the best albums of all time, the Virginia producer shared a meme regarding Quincy Jones that was meant to be inspirational but Twitter clowned it instead.

JAY-Z is having himself one hell of a year because the accomplishments keep rolling in.

In a recent interview, Joey Crack said that DJ Khaled is the "Quincy Jones of Hip-Hop" and Twitter is telling the Terror Squad honcho to "Lean Back" with his opinion.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is returning to television but instead of being a sitcom, the new series will be a drama based on a viral fan-made reimagining created by Morgan Cooper.

DJ Green Villian, who we don't know too much about, hopped on Twitter to question Quincy Jones' contributions to music while stating he prefers Kanye West's production. As expected, Twitter is baking the kid.

Quincy Jones spilled all of the tea during his infamous interview with Vulture earlier this year. The icon has since shown remorse for some of his words including things he said about T-Pain.

Quincy Jones is spilling all types of tea this year. He is now claiming Ray Charles is the reason he had issues with heroin.

Living legend and the man who shaped the pop culture landscape for 70 years Quincy Jones might be known as of late for his tall tales, but in the new trailer for his Netflix documentary based on his life, it tells the complete story about the beloved musician well-known throughout the entertainment industry. 

Legendary Jazz musician and epic storyteller Quincy Jones is getting his own Netflix documentary and who else better to direct than his own daughter, Rashida Jones.

Quincy Jones has apologized. Not that you care, since you were probably sipping all the glorious tea he spilled in a series of candid interviews anyway. 

Quincy Jones has gotten the attention of the entire entertainment world on the back of his wild, tell-all interview with Vulture that was released this week. T-Pain caught some stray shots during the chat and fired back with comments of his own regarding criticism of a cover of one of Jones’ songs.


Quincy Jones is the music deity that some Millenials aren’t even aware of still exists and while he’s spent a lifetime piling up musical accolades, he’s also collected enough tea leaves to brew up something that’ll drive your taste buds crazy. The man who helped craft Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall, Thriller, and Bad recently caught […]