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An Oklahoma Black man who was doing his job was detained for more than half an hour by white men who demanded to know why he was in their neighborhood.

A Black father in Oklahoma City was attempting to enjoy a day out at the pool with his children earlier in the month when a white man began attacking him, prompting the father to deliver a fade. When the attacker returned with a baseball bat after getting knocked out, a second fade was promptly administered.

The website SB Nation published and deleted a sympathetic story on Daniel Holtzclaw, the former Oklahoma City Cop sentenced to 263 years for sexually assaulting just over a dozen women while on duty. The story, “Who Is Daniel Holtzclaw? Predator, Police Office, Linebacker” was posted Wednesday (Feb. 17) and focusses on the softer side of […]

Seven of the 13 women who accused ex-cop Daniel Holtzclaw of sexual crimes have made steps to  continue a civil lawsuit in wake of the onetime  Oklahoma City cop’s conviction last week. Holtzclaw was found guilty on 18 of the 36  counts for rape, and more.

The case of Daniel Holtzclaw came somewhat to an end on Thursday when the former Oklahoma City Police officer was found guilty of 18 charges stemming from rape and assault of Black women. On Twitter, a swift debate has been ongoing since the verdict after a user tweeted that Black men were to blame for […]

Former Oklahoma City cop Daniel Holtzclaw is facing over two dozen charges including forcible rape, stalking, and sodomy against 13 black women. And while an all-white jury continues deliberations, we’re getting to hear from the victims in their own words.

Daniel Holtzclaw, a former Oklahoma City police officer who allegedly sexually assaulted 13 women, is on trial as he faces 36 charges overall. A jury was selected this morning and opening statements will be heard in court later today.

Although bizarre news items aren’t as shocking these days, there’s always something that boggles the mind no matter what. Reports of a man who set his apartment on fire because of a gay demon is the latest to achieve this feat.

A couple of weeks ago, 2 Chainz was arrested after his tour bus was in a standoff with authorities in Oklahoma City. Details are emerging about what cops found on the bus; a cache of weapons that included two handguns (too easy) and a plethora of drug paraphernalia.

2 Chainz should be having a pretty good week since he is performing at the MTV VMAs this Sunday. However, the Atlanta rapper was arrested in Oklahoma last night after an alleged standoff between the authorities and the occupants of his tour bus.

A reportedly two-mile wide tornado touched down in Oklahoma yesterday (May 20), destroying everything in its path. UPDATE: Although initially reported at 51, the death toll has been revised to 24 (seven of which were children), according to the Associated Press. 

There is nothing the Internets loves more than making a Black person appearing to be a complete fool, as many learned with the explosion of Chicago’s Antoine Dodson and his now infamous “Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife” rant after an attempted assault on his sister. The Alabama native’s 15 minutes are basically a wrap […]