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Although bizarre news items aren’t as shocking these days, there’s always something that boggles the mind no matter what. Reports of a man who set his apartment on fire because of a gay demon is the latest to achieve this feat.

Last Thursday (Oct. 24), Oklahoma City man Jeremy Anderson, 22, was in his apartment breaking glass and furniture which prompted a response from local police. Upon arriving at Anderson’s residence, the cops were met with an agitated Anderson who threw chairs and glass at them.

Police then fired a Taser at Anderson, who simply pulled the probes out and become more violent. With blood coming from his hands and face, Anderson was also reportedly covered in salt and soap.The police then say Anderson lit a Bible on fire in a kitchen, saying he did because he was a Satanist.

Later, Anderson told the cops that a “possessed homos-xual demon” tried to steal drugs and seduce him. During the initial confrontation, Anderson admitted that he had not been taking medicine of an unspecified nature. His neighbors appeared to be shocked by the news, stating that he was usually quiet and reserved.

Anderson is facing first-degree arson charges, with other charges possible. He is being held in a city jail on $10,000 bond.

Check out photos of Anderson’s mugshots and his wrecked apartment on the following pages.

[Props to KFOR & NewsOn6]

Photos: NewsOn6, KFOR

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