The shocking death of rapper and producer Mac Miller is still heavy on the minds and hearts of his fans of those who knew and loved him personally. A slight hint of justice regarding the loss of the talented artist may be coming forth as a man has been charged with murder in connection to […]

More light is being shed on how and why Prince passed away. The icon was supplied bootleg prescription pills.


Crooks used to want cash, now they want drugs. A pair of armed thieves stole $4,000 worth of Oxycodone, aka Percocet, from a Brooklyn pharmacy. 

An elderly couple living in New York‘s Upper West Side neighborhood allegedly sold large amounts of the prescription drug oxycodone to a number of drug rings in the city. Dr. Rogelio Lucas and his wife, Lydia, were charged with dozens of drug-related offenses.

Between Master “Mr. Ice Cream Man” P, Big Worm from Friday or numerous Clipse lyrics, Hip-Hop heads should have plenty of jokes with this one. A Brooklyn man was arrested Monday (August 5) for selling cocaine and oxycodone out of an ice cream truck. 

A doctor who worked at the Rikers island prison facility was arrested by NYPD officers and DEA agents for his role in an oxycodone drug ring. Thursday (January 31) morning, Dr. Robert Gibbs was caught in a raid at his Harlem office.