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Between Master “Mr. Ice Cream Man” P, Big Worm from Friday or numerous Clipse lyrics, Hip-Hop heads should have plenty of jokes with this one. A Brooklyn man was arrested Monday (August 5) for selling cocaine and oxycodone out of an ice cream truck. 

To his credit, he did actually sell treats of the sugary variety, too.

The New York Daily News reports:

Mina Gatas, 20, was caught on a surveillance video inside the ice cream truck handing an undercover cop a plastic bag with about 13 grams of coke — and an ice cream cone.

“He brazenly sold large quantities of drugs right from the ice cream truck while children bought their ice cream just a few inches away,” said Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes.

The sale happened July 9 at Owls Head Pier in Bay Ridge, a popular spot with kids and families, officials charged.

In the video, the undercover is seen walking with Gatas to the truck — parked in a bustling spot where it has been all summer — and gives him a hat that contained $830 in cash. Gatas allegedly returned the hat with cocaine inside.

At the same time as the illicit transaction is going down, Gatas is asking the officer which flavor he would like. The officer responded “vanilla.” But that wasn’t code for the white powder

Gatas was charged with sale of a controlled substance and his bail has been set $10,000. Gatas also worked at the In and Out Halal Deli on Fifth Ave., which is where he first drew attention from investigators when he started yapping about his ability to get coke and oxy pills.

BK hustlers have been slipping recently. Back in May, a Papa John’s employee was nabbed for selling cocaine out of pizza boxes.

Check out photos of Gatas and his ice cream truck operation in the gallery.

Photos: New York Daily News

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