Pamela Smith

Michael Jordan stayed winning when he was on the basketball court, and it has carried over to the court room, too. A judge has ordered the woman that falsely accused Air Jordan of fathering her now 17-year old struggle rapper son about $10,000, the cost of the NBA legend’s legal bills.

Michael Jordan is used to winning in the game of basketball, and it appears that his good luck has trickled over into a life situation. The a paternity test brought on by a woman claiming that Jordan is the father of her 16-year-old son, has been thrown out, TMZ reports.

The greatest basketball player of all-time is ready to go to battle one more time, but in a different kind of court.

Michael Jordan didn’t win six NBA titles and still have people wearing his signature kicks for this. A Georgia woman has filed a paternity suit against the basketball legend, alleging that he fathered her now 16-year-old son.