Today (July 25), SiriusXM announced it has entered into a partnership between Grammy Award-winning rapper and SiriusXM and Pandora. Part of the deal includes a dedicated station as well as curated music playlists and collabs with talent.

Pandora, a name in the music streaming game that has seen better days is a getting a shot in the arm thanks to SiriusXM radio.

It went down in Brooklyn last night (July 19) at Pandora’s Sounds Like You: NYC Concert and all those in attendance left feeling the good vibrations provided by the artists who took the stage (FYI Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch weren’t part of the act).

While every other big artists seems to be picking sides in the new fluster of music streaming imprints, Prince doesn’t seem to be about that life. Or does he?

Since only the chosen few are privy to selling records these days, it’s constantly stressed that artists need to find other streams of revenue. As in, getting spins on digital music services for royalties.

Last summer, Hip-Hop Wired attended a Spotify event in which the music sharing company boasted about the amount of money its paid out to artists. Since 2008 Spotify has worked its way up to become a go-to destination for listeners who want to try out albums before making a purchase. Unlike illegal sharing entities like Napster, […]

Album sales are down all across the board, but thanks to streaming music platforms like Pandora musicians are about to cash out. 

One of the most debated issues in modern music today may have just been resolved. According to Reuters news service, an agreement was reached Tuesday on how money should be split between companies and artists from streaming music on the Internet. With the agreement, large music streaming companies will pay artists and copyright owners