Paula Deen stays losing because she’s undoubtedly secure in her clouded racist ways and judgement.


Either Paula Deen is getting senile or she’s a butter loving racist who can’t control her bigoted impulses. The former Food Network star and famed N-word user posted a picture with her son Bobby Deen—who appeared to be in Blackface (or in this case, Brownface). 

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Steve Harvey came under fire recently for selecting Paula Deen to be part of the television host’s mentoring camp for boys. Given Deen’s history with Black people the idea didn’t sit well with many, and Harvey has promptly responded to the criticism in his typically biting fashion.


Disgraced Food Network star Paula Deen hasn’t been doing so great since she owned up to racist remarks she said about African-Americans.


The Paula Deen restaurant embroiled in controversy due to celebrity chef’s own admittance of using the n-word freely because it was the “southern thing to do,“ has closed.

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Disgraced former FOOD Network personality Paula Deen almost made it out of Black History Month 2014 unscathed–until she compared herself to openly gay NFL prospect Michael Sam.

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Now that 2013 is almost in the books and Christmas day is upon us, it is only fitting that Hip-Hop Wired also get into the holiday spirit.

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Former cooking show maven Paula Deen got cooked, no pun intended, by Twitter after admitting her fondness for the N-Word in a court deposition. Although the one-time Food Network star went on a “I’m Not A Racist” apology tour, it all rang hollow in the end. Deen isn’t the first celebrity to show racist tendencies, however. 


Paula Deen has done a lot of stupid sh-t in her lifetime, but dressing someone up like Aunt Jemima isn’t one of them. Deen denies new allegations that she wanted one of her Black employees in an outfit similar to the queen of flapjacks.

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Paula Deen is clearly unaware how this whole Twitter things functions. Today (July 11), the TV chef who lost a gang of endorsement deals thanks to her racists rhetoric caught the wrath of the Internets thanks to an ill timed tweet.

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Earlier this week, renowned food show host Paula Deen became synonymous with struggle after a report alleged that while in court, she confessed to using racial epithets and even wanted Black people to dress as slaves at a wedding party. Subsequently, the southerner was subject to public backlash — the Internets responded with a heinous #PaulasBestDishes trending […]


Paula Deen is copping pleas. Yesterday (June 20), news broke that that celebrity chef admitted to using the N-word during a deposition in a s-xual harassment case. Now in a statement, Deen is saying she used the word in her past because of her southern upbringing.