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Either Paula Deen is getting senile or she’s a butter loving racist who can’t control her bigoted impulses. The former Food Network star and famed N-word user posted a picture with her son Bobby Deen—who appeared to be in Blackface (or in this case, Brownface). 

“Lucyyyyyyy! You got a lot of esplainin’ to do!,” read the message to accompany the pic of Deen dressed as Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy, some other Archie Bunker looking dude (who looks he didn’t want to be there) and her son Bobby as Desi Arnaz aka Ricky Ricardo, who was Cuban.

Deen deleted the tweet after most everyone pointed out how idiotic and offensive it was, being that it is like 2015.

As we wait an eventual apology from Deen, we’ll assume the her family is distraught all those Confederate flags are coming down.

The photo was from a Halloween episode of her show back in 2011.


Photo: Twitter