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Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. David Sayah says that the Hip-Hop veteran also known as Pepa might be due monies from a lawsuit against Uber and hope her potential winnings settle an unpaid bill.

Cardi B should be enjoying the success of her new single "Up," instead she is addressing the haters.

Hate her or love her Kash Doll seems to be as transparent as they come. She had admitted to going under the knife.

As we know Cardi B isn’t the one to bite her tongue for anyone. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that she had a strong response for those that recently came for her without being sent for.

Baltimore fans will have to wait a big longer to see Cardi B. The rapper apparently is experiencing some issues due to going under the knife and had to pull out of a show.

See Queen's new curves – and what she had to say about them – inside.

As he records his new album it is clear Kanye West has more than Donald Trump on his mind. The MAGA enthusiast has confirmed he will address some social issues with the help of Hip-Hop’s biggest female rapper, Nicki Minaj.

SZA has long been considered one of the more glamorous singers of her generation, and she definitely cemented that fact on the red carpet at this year’s Grammy Awards. Despite her good looks, fans on Twitter suspect that the TDE songstress had surgery to alter her nose and the speculation is rampant.

Former porn star turned sports analyst Mia Khalifa suffered a weird injury during a hockey game earlier this year. Khalifa, 25, was slammed in the chest with a hockey puck during a Washington Capitals playoff game that ruptured her left breasts, and she says she’ll get her boob touched up early next year.

The medical professional who has long been viewed as the person who caused the death of Donda West has spoken out and wants no parts of her son’s newest project.

In news that is sure to get the “Make your mind up already” delegation all in their feelings, K. Michelle is getting a butt reduction. The R&B singer and reality star recently revealed she wants to get her old shape back.