police brutality

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron files a motion to block an anonymous juror's request to make Breonna Taylor grand jury files public. The decision comes after Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, Detective Myles Cosgrove, and former Detective Brett Hankison avoided charges directly related to Taylor's death.

According to published reports, the former police unnamed officer has been fired from the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office following the incident of excessive force.

Megan Thee Stallion made sure we continue to say the names of those who have been victims of police brutality.

A Pasadena community is mourning the death of Anthony McClain who died at the hands of police during a routine traffic stop. Police claim they noticed a weapon on the victim when fled from the scene. In a fearful pursuit, police opened fire at McClain and killed him. Now his family and the nearby community want justice.

Months after a riot exploded in Minneapolis, police finally identified the man who incited violence during a peaceful protest demanding justice for the death of George Floyd. The man is suspected to be a white supremacist in multiple groups. The investigation is ongoing.

Even though relations between the law and the community continue to be tense, a squad from The Big Apple has figured out how to drop the ball big time. A set of badges were caught on tape doing the most.

Lil Baby’s music is reigniting a firestorm of sociopolitical awareness in trap music lovers during an era where half of the country is struggling to understand why Black Lives Matter. His single “The Bigger Picture” amassed over 100 million streams since debuting on the charts, a clear indication that the world is paying attention to what the superstar has to say.

A Siri shortcut now makes your iPhone even more essential during a police interaction.

The murder of Rayshard Brooks sent shockwaves through an already exhausted community, sparking more protests but police are looking for one woman who decided to take protests one step further. According to published reports, police are looking for a masked unidentified white woman who they claim was responsible for burning down the Wendy's location where 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks was murdered at the hands of police after falling asleep at the drive-thru window.

Javier Ambler also suffered eerily similar death at the hands of the Texas police back in 2019.

Vincent D'Andraia is expected to be arraigned today in Brooklyn Criminal Court where he'll probably get a heroes welcome from fellow NYPD officers. Seems like that's becoming a new thing lately.