police brutality

The November 2017 clip shows Arbery, who was sitting in a Brunswick, Ga. park on his day off, was approached by police due to suspected drug activity but police found no drugs or weapons yet still tried to aggressively take him down.

Verdant Julius, president of the HBCU's sophomore class, and two classmates were confronted by campus police when the officers grabbed Julius by the neck and slammed him to the ground.

Once again New Yorkers are standing up against the powers that be. Over the weekend locals took underground to disrupt the city in the name of justice.

A former Orlando police officer working as a resource officer in an elementary school is now without a job after he arrested a pair of six-year-olds. Dennis Turner, who is Black, has a history of violent behavior on his record according to several reports.

The family of a 12-year-old boy who was roughly arrested and had a “spit bag” placed over his head is demanding an apology from Sacramento police. According to reports. the boy allegedly ran from a security guard and then spit into the face of one of the officers.

John Smyly, a former police officer in the city of Boulder, Colo., will not face harsh penalties after he racially profiled, harassed, and threatened a Black man doing a good deed in his community. In a settlement, Smyly lost his gig but still will collect $69,000 in salary and won’t see a blemish on his […]

Tresure Price of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta didn’t have the best weekend after cops stopped her on suspicion of driving under the influence. Now the reality show star is coming forth with claims that police roughed her up during her ordeal.

Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown was reportedly violently arrested in the city back in January, and camera footage has confirmed that the player was unfairly arrested and tasered. The officers who approached Brown have been disciplined and are still employed by the force despite the jarring video that was recently released.

Sterling Brown, a player for the Milwaukee Bucks, was on the receiving end of city police tasing him back in January for what was originally reported as guard resisting arrest. After an internal investigation, charges have been dropped ahead of the release of body cam footage but Brown intends to sue according to his attorney.

Anthony Hall did a noble big brother act and took his teen sister to her high school prom in, and the pair went out to grab a bite to eat after. What the 16-year-old didn’t know was that the fun night out would suddenly take a left turn after an encounter with a white police officer […]

Matthew Johns a former Atlanta cop, was fired after he violently beat a Black suspect after a chase and tried to say the teen was going for a gun.