When 2002 came so did the infectious sound that was “Grindin” from the rap duo known as the Clipse.  Not since Raekwon has an artist been able to weave such intricate coke tales, and Virginia bred two rappers that were chefs at it. From the success of Lord Willin’, shady business within the record labels […]

“We’ve definitely grown.  I think with each album, there’s always some kind of development with the Clipse and I think the Clipse is pretty much, what we do is we give you, we share our lives on these albums.” As the countdown comes to a close and less than a week before the release of […]

The Clipse are notorious for representing their home state of Virginia to the fullest. On the track “Virginia” from their Lord Willin’ album they sum up the lifestyle of the state saying, “I’m from Virginia where ain’t sh%t to do but cook. Pack it up, sell it triple-price, fu%k the books.” That infamous line may […]