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The people behind “Gun Appreciation Day” are looking to get more minorities involved in their plight, and have launched a “What Would Django Do?” campaign. Coming less than a week after the unofficial holiday where gun advocates across the country exercised their second amendment rights, the latest attempt at attracting more followers is sure to […]


The fight between Spike Lee, and just about everybody else who supports Django Unchained, doesn’t appear to be fading, and now Jamie Foxx has entered the fray. Foxx, was overseas promoting the film’s release, and when asked of Lee’s comments on the film’s storyline, he concluded that the Brooklyn native is pretty much always on the attack.


Not that Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell has anything to do with Django Unchained, but he’s still pretty upset at Spike Lee for blasting the film. Campbell penned an opinion editorial for the Miami Times and lashed out at the acclaimed director’s views, while praising Django-director Quentin Tarantino for his “brilliant” project.


Django Unchained has caused controversy for it’s story and now a new line of action figures are having similar effect.  The National Entertainment Collectibles Association and the Weinstein Company released the figures, available on