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Django Unchained has caused controversy for it’s story and now a new line of action figures are having similar effect.  The National Entertainment Collectibles Association and the Weinstein Company released the figures, available on

All of the film’s stars have an action figure including Jamie Foxx’s character, Django who is a freed slave. Alongside Django is his wife, Broomhilda (rocking her black and white uniform so as to serve her slave master), and Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Calvin Candie who runs the plantation Candie Land.

But slave figurines and their masters may not be exactly what collectors had in mind, when thinking of new items to buy.

From EURWeb:

Django Unchained action figures/collectibles is a whole ‘nother matter as far as project Islamic Hope’s Najee Ali and a coalition of African- American community leaders are concerned. They’re calling for a boycott of the Django Unchained collectables. A press conference is set for, Tuesday, January 8.


The announcement of the  release of the dolls was made last fall, with NECA’s president saying that he was “very excited to bring the stellar cast of Django to life,” and “honored to be working with another Tarantino masterpiece.”

According to Amazon the 8-inch-dolls, selling for $299, are nearly out of stock, and are not meant for children.

See photos below.


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