Django Unchained

Academy Award-nominated director Quentin Tarantino defended the use of the N-word in his films specifically 'Django Unchained,' where it was said more than 100 times.

Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts tried to play the race card when cops busted her and boyfriend allegedly having a public fornication romp but the powers that be aren’t buying it.

Recently, LAPD responded to a call alleging that Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts was seen doing the nasty with her boo in public.

The LAPD has landed in the news for the wrong thing again. This time, the police force has been accused of more racial profiling. A black actress who starred in Django Unchained was detained by LAPD officers responding to an indecent exposure call after she was seen kissing and allegedly sexing her white boyfriend.

The latest news in Hollywood is that slavery is big buck at the box office again, as Oscar buzz continues for Steve McQueen‘s period piece and ABC recently announced their new slave-inspired miniseries.

If Django Unchained wants to invade one of the movie industry’s biggest markets, they’re going to have to get by the Chinese government first. The Quentin Tarrantino film was set to debut in China this week but was pulled over “unspecified technical problems. ”

You can always count on Donald Trump to give his opinion on pretty much anything. This time, Trump has slammed Django Unchained, as “the most racist” movie he’s ever seen.

Rick Ross gave his first interview of 2013 as he was a guest on NBC’s Nightcap With Peter Bailey. 

The people behind “Gun Appreciation Day” are looking to get more minorities involved in their plight, and have launched a “What Would Django Do?” campaign. Coming less than a week after the unofficial holiday where gun advocates across the country exercised their second amendment rights, the latest attempt at attracting more followers is sure to […]

The fight between Spike Lee, and just about everybody else who supports Django Unchained, doesn’t appear to be fading, and now Jamie Foxx has entered the fray. Foxx, was overseas promoting the film’s release, and when asked of Lee’s comments on the film’s storyline, he concluded that the Brooklyn native is pretty much always on the attack.

Dolls made in the likeness of the characters in the slave film Django Unchained have been discontinued. The figurines were pegged as “action figures,” and led to a public outcry calling for them to stop being sold.

Not that Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell has anything to do with Django Unchained, but he’s still pretty upset at Spike Lee for blasting the film. Campbell penned an opinion editorial for the Miami Times and lashed out at the acclaimed director’s views, while praising Django-director Quentin Tarantino for his “brilliant” project.