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The latest news in Hollywood is that slavery is big buck at the box office again, as Oscar buzz continues for Steve McQueen‘s period piece and ABC recently announced their new slave-inspired miniseries.

The television miniseries Roots was one of the first pieces of cinema to resonate with a majority audience. Upon its debut, the Alex Haley-authored picture chronicled one of America’s most shameful periods—and broke ratings records.

With McQueen’s aforementioned project threatening to change how the Academy treats movies about slavery, the game is yearning for a smart, artistic analysis that explores the darker aspects of human life. When you look at the history of film, pieces like Mandingo or Queen snuck in to cash in on the subject, but there hasn’t been any critically-acclaimed films in awhile.

The Academy is no longer safe from these compelling stories.

As 12 Years a Slave aims to educate young citizens about the slavery business in America, we urge you to take a look at the 15 Must See Hollywood Slave Flicks of All Time.

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