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Diversity in Hollywood has become a hot-button topic as of late but The Hollywood Reporter didn’t help move the conversation forward when they rolled out its latest roundtable cover to commemorate its five-year anniversary.

Diversity in Hollywood is an ongoing battle, a subject that is currently the hot button issue in the culture.

K. Michelle has had some extreme positives and notable setbacks in her blossoming career, just like any major label artist on the cusp of mega-superstardom. At just 33-years-old of age and two albums deep, she was able to break the stigma that an artist best known by their reality TV appearances could sell records and […]

Remember the “Race In America” benefit concert Jill Scott was promoting while she offered up viable solutions to fix police-student relations? Great news has arrived in the form that you don’t have to be in Los Angeles to witness it.

United Airlines is conveniently remorseful for a lapse of judgement and lack of servitude for a Black passenger with cerebral palsy, who had to take DIY measures just to use the restroom. D’Arcee Neal endured the five-hour flight from San Francisco back to his home of Washington D.C. where his condition disallowed him to use […]

The NYPD isn’t having a banner September thus far, this after Black retired tennis star James Blake was roughed up by officers last week. Now, a Black cop with the department’s Highway Division has come forward with claims he’s faced racism and other forms of mistreatment during his time with the force.

Talks of Rachel Dolezal getting a reality show or appearing on The Maury Show have since stalled, but not for reasons of wanting to shy away from the spotlight.

Wishful thinking possibly was the motivation behind starting a #GrowingUpWhite trending topic behind the successfully nostalgic #GrowingUpBlack. While the #GrowingUpWhite hashtag started off harmless enough, certain individuals begun to fling racism in their tweets and going out of their way to counter the previous trending topics. So you already know how the story ended. As […]

Unlike the Keri Hilson’s and Raven Symone’s of the world, not everyone is co-signing Rachel Dolezal’s BS and letting her get a free pass into the celebrity world.

In 2009, Sandra Bullock won her first Academy and Golden Globe Award by portraying the type of white woman Rachel Dolezal literally dreamed to be in the box-office smash, The Blind Side. Bullock played Leigh Anne Tuohy, the oft-well-to-do restaurateur who became the legal guardian of Michael Oher, an inner-city kid of 12 from Memphis […]

Maybe Keri Hilson was genuinely feeling sorry for Rachel Dolezal when she put her neck on the line and saw the bizarre situation as a “glass half-full.” Or maybe she just felt like it had been a while since her name had been trending. Whatever the case, the R&B singer decided to put the target […]

Rachel Dolezal has been already been exposed as a fake, a phony and a stan but it appears the NAACP President still has a hard time letting go of her adopted Blackness.