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K. Michelle has had some extreme positives and notable setbacks in her blossoming career, just like any major label artist on the cusp of mega-superstardom. At just 33-years-old of age and two albums deep, she was able to break the stigma that an artist best known by their reality TV appearances could sell records and even see their full-length LPs debut in the top 10 of the Billboard 200. Especially as an artist who would be difficult for the music industry to classify anything but urban.

Despite the targeted audience K. Michelle’s brand of R&B/Soul attracts, she claims that she is maligned by the same people who are supposed to have her back: the Black women.

During the second part of her interview with B. Scott, the “Love ‘Em All” singer opened up about bedding Idris Elba and how Black women terrorize her on social media.

Here is an excerpt:

I thought it was disgusting, the backlash that I got from black women. My whole career, the women that I fight for have been the women that attack me. And, it’s crazy — because when I told about my abuse, Black women attacked me. And they said I was a liar. And then when the reports came out, [they’d say] ’oh, I always believed you!’ That doesn’t heal that scar that you called me a liar for two years and I’m trying to be a role model.

So, when it got to Idris, I’m once again [getting attacked]. We’d probably would still even be close friends, but I came out — and it wasn’t for no album sales because I write about every man I date. And he knew that. He even said that to me, in my face! ‘You write about every man,’ [he said]. And I said ‘Yeah, I’ma write about you too. YOU determine the song. You determine if it’s good, you determine if it’s bad.’

On her and Idris’ sex life:

It was great sex, I think because of the passion. The passion of the friendship, more than anything. Me, I’m really mental with sex…like, you could have a big ding-a-ling or something and it doesn’t [do it for me]. You can have this, you can have that, but it has to be here [mental].

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Photo: Instagram/K. Michelle